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This is Emotional Health Program no. 11.


The version below is Emotional Health Program no. 11 special edition for people who need a milder version of the program.

How to use your program

Use the programs twice a week to start with, preferably immediately in the morning or in the evening just before bedtime. Use the programs for a long period of time, at least three to six months or more depending on how dominant the negative emotional trend is! If, after a few weeks, you feel that you can, use the programs three times a week. The day you use the programs, you can use multiple programs the same day. However, we recommend that the total program time per day does not exceed 15 minutes. Each program is 5 minutes long.

Use headphones while listening to the programs. It does not matter if you use “in-ear” headphones or one´s with “sleeves”. You can also use loudspeakers positioned close towards your chest and/or stomach area of your body. Choose position on your body depending on where you normally feel that most of your emotions originate from e.g. the solar plexus area.

In case of acute emotional problems such as anxiety, you can this program up to 30 minutes daily for a few days. Then after a few days use the program according to the instructions above.

ATTENTION! Video will only display some graphics in the beginning of the program and then turn black. This is perfectly normal.