A.I.C. Membership Agreement

This is a legal agreement between you as a prospective member and “The International Academy for Global Human Culture” (AIC Association).

The International Academy for Global Human Culture (A.I.C.) is an educational institution in the Life Sciences according to the CelesteMetoden®. As such, its role to enlighten, inform people about things regarding the cosmic (universal) laws, life as a whole and the reason behind.

A.I.C. is a private, nonprofit organization established in Sweden.

A.I.C. is completely free from all forms of political and religious influences.

A.I.C. has nothing to do with sectarianism or fundamentalism. It’s teaching is based solely on Gnosticism (knowing) over blind faith, assumption or conception.

To become a member of A.I.C. Association it requires that you follow the terms and guidelines that are consistent with the A.I.C. regulations and goals.

If you do not agree to the terms listed here, you cannot log on and become a member of the A.I.C. Association.

Through your membership application to A.I.C. you assure us that you are at least 18 years old and that you do not suffer from any psychological (mental) illness. You assure that you do not use any form of narcotics, psychedelic drugs.

You also assure that you accept the ethical, moral terms of A.I.C. imposed on all its members.

A.I.C. reserves the right to deny a membership application if it finds a reason suggesting the person in question does not comply with the rules and requirements put on every individual member.

A.I.C. does not need to provide any valid reason to reject a membership application.

A.I.C. may at any time expel a member if he slanders, is spreading rumors or in any other way harms the A.I.C. and A.I.C. Association aims and goals.

Information and Secrecy

The information on this web page as and other information available on the A.I.C. web site is intended for personal use only and is not allowed to be spread to third parties without the consent of A.I.C.. Non-members, family-members, friends, acquaintances, mass media, government agencies or organizations are counted as outsiders and third parties.

None of the information available on the A.I.C. website or blogs should be used for medical, legal, financial statements or purposes.

The information you receive as a result of your A.I.C. Association Membership shall be regarded as confidential information even if not labelled as such.

You may not copy, exploit, sell, distribute or otherwise disclose confidential information to non-members.

You agree to that in case you break any of your obligations regarding confidential information – that your membership will immediately cease from the A.I.C. Association.

A.I.C. owns the right to protect its rights in court.

As A.I.C. hopes to provide our members with accurate information we cannot promise any certain guarantees when it comes to the correctness or authenticity of certain information obtained from other sources.

We take no responsibility for any errors or deficiencies in certain information.

The information you receive from A.I.C. is not intended to replace professional advices. A.I.C. has no cooperation with any medical or other governmental institution.

Any government educational institution, authority or organization have not approved the information you receive from A.I.C.

Your use of this website and any information, products and services that are provided directly or indirectly by the A.I.C. is at your own risk.

All materials on the A.I.C. web site, texts, graphics, logos, trademarks, audio clips, video clips, links, digital downloads and trademarks that are owned, controlled or licensed by the A.I.C. are protected by copyright and other non-material laws.

You also agree to the use of cookies on the A.I.C. Association Membership website behind login.

If your computer against all odds, in some way would be damaged by the fact that you browse the page, A.I.C. disclaims all responsibility.

A.I.C. reserves the right to modify this AIC Membership Association Agreement as it thinks best. If such a change occurs, the A.I.C. will announce this agreement on the site. A.I.C. will publish the new Membership Agreement on the website, and as considered appropriate.

The Member Agreement shall be interpreted according to the legislation of the country where the AIC Association is registered.

//The AIC Team