A.I.C. Association

The A.I.C. Association is subordinate the The Northern Pontifical Academy (NPA), with the project site: www.unifier.se, (en) www.swe.unifier.se (se), (also with domain www.human-academy.com).

The AIC Association is the member site for individual evolvement, development and advancement – as help and a tool-box to achieve the multi-dimensional consciousness. This site is for you!

We humans have a tendency to react to things that happen around us in the exterior and can see that things are wrong there…but we seldom see things in ourselves…almost never…

So, in order to change our world for the better – we must start with ourselves…

We have to implement the higher quality spiritual multi-dimensional quantum consciousness in ourselves. There is no other way around and it applies to us all.

The A.I.C. goals and vision:

  • One World Commonwealth
  • One Fraternal Humanity
  • A flag of Love Wisdom
  • One moral standard
  • One language of understanding
  • Above All Frontiers
  • Above All Prejudices
  • Above All Traditions

We see the absolute need to give humanity tools for their evolvement, development  and advancement. The only way to change our civilization for the better  is to change ourselves first.  There is no other way. We are right now under the influence of an increasing energy flow from the sun – an energy flow that sustains our higher energetic bodies. This flow comes from the sun which in turn is governed by the galaxy sun and beyond that the central sun. The energetic code connected to our area in the cosmos is struck and we are getting increasingly more energy and strength. This applies to us all and our inner qualities are thus given more energy.

Both earthlings and beings from other systems live here on earth. Many of us individuals came to earth long time ago and have since incarnated over and over again. We have all acquired and stored in our subconscious fields various qualities. These qualities are now given more energy and they will express themselves more and more. Every human being is given the choice to evolve or not.

Achieve the multi-dimensional quantum consciousness

This is an active choice. You start your evolvement towards a higher quality Multi-Dimensional Quantum Consciousness. Your training will increase your consciousness; your eyes will gradually open up on what is actually happening on Earth. You are given more energy and power to elevate from the situation that you find yourself in now. You will develop and contribute to the advancement of our civilization. Your Soul will gain more and more control over your life and your mind-program that in most individuals creates obstacles in the way of good health and sound positive thoughts, attitude. Your Soul power will increase and deprogram your mind-program which will decrease.

If you do not make an active choice to evolve, or you choose to continue as until now, the following will happen: Your mental mind program will have more energy, i.e. you will live out or act out what you have within yourself of selfishness, greed, anger, lust, vanity, and willingness to criticize as well as the opposites. These are all mind-programs. These qualities control you and your life with more power behind. Your Soul energy will not control you, but will instead power the characteristics we  just mentioned. You will  meet like-minded individuals and these are all reminders for you to evolve, develop and advance.

Together, powered with this higher qualitative soul-related multi-dimensional consciousness we can change the world for the better. Please join us in the strive for a better world where we consciously can control our lives. Let the soul power shine through and enlighten the world in union.

Take part of the sessions for advancement behind the member login. You will receive both information and energy by partaking of the program. It will unlock new possibilities for you as you progress.

AIC Structure


 The Northern Pontifical Academy (NPA) – head of Project:
Aim and goal: The A.I.C. eight points of goal
www.unifier.se, www.swe.unifier.se

sun  A.I.C. Founder and Initiator:
Sandor A Markus, Secretary General of the A.I.C. Project
Ann-Sofie Hammarbäck, Protector of the A.I.C. Project
Aim and goal: The A.I.C. eight points of goal
Dr. Sandor A. Markus’ autobiography

  A.I.C. Association:
Membership site for individual evolvement, development, advancement.
Aim and goal: Advanced help for implementing the higher quality
multi-dimensional consciousness in the individual.
www.celestemetoden.com (home)
www.worlddoctrine.org (this site – here).
www.celestemetoden.com/temlemetri/ (quantum harmonization)

  Sovereign Imperial Order of Saint Germain (SIOSG):
Order for individual evolvement, development, advancement.
Aim and goal: Advanced help for implementing the higher quality
multi-dimensional consciousness in distinguished individuals.



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BG 197-5101, AIC