Lars Helge Swahn

I have all my life been interested in spirituality. It all started with a couple of insights that made me realize that everything we see around is just a glimpse of what really is there to see. I searched through books the path I had to embark on, but it was not until I turned 24, that I found a true Spiritual Master Teacher that really could answer all my questions. He was Sandor A Markus.

I knew instantly that it was him I had sought all the time, and when I saw his picture in his book “From Barbarism to Super Consciousness” (the one published in Swedish) I knew intuitively that I had to start practicing the cosmic brain program he promulgated. I started doing this for 1 h 40 minutes every day for many years.

My intuition grew and now I have a sense of how many things work.

For the last years I have also had the privilege to continuously be taught by Sandor A Markus. That is a privilege not given to many. It has made my eyes open up even more, and now I follow him on all his lecturing tours and I help him the best I can.

I have translated many of his books into English and also helped him with websites. Now is the time for all our work to be handed out to the public – so enjoy and partake of all the development programs behind login on this site. Let your Soul once again be the guiding star in your life – we will do whatever we can to facilitate your advancement process towards the five-dimensional quantum consciousness.

Alongside the journey described above I am educated as a bedrock geologist and I have worked for four seasons doing that after my graduation in 1996. After that I have taught pupils mostly 15-16 years old mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics in high school. So I have a teaching experience for about 10 years or more.

I have devoted my full time to three projects at the same time, helping Sandor A Markus, i.e. learning, translating books and programming websites, and also studying bedrock geology and teaching students basic science.