Upcoming events

Upcoming events

Right now we are working on teachings, videos, books, literature and health sessions that will help the evolutionary development of the AIC Association members – all in our quest to realize the AIC eight points of goal:

  • One World Commonwealth
  • One Fraternal Humanity
  • A flag of Love Wisdom
  • One moral standard
  • One language of understanding
  • Above All Frontiers
  • Above All Prejudices
  • Above All Traditions

We are also lecturing for the AIC Members who attend our seminaries and workshops. If you want to have further information about this you have to get an AIC Association membership. The prerequisite from your side is a sincere willingness to start your evolutionary path, use the cosmic brain program and take part of our educational materials in order to evolve and understand yourself and the universe.

If you want, you can sign up for a free membership here at this site and also at the Northern Pontifical Academy.

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