The world is entering a new era – which requires of us a new consciousness, a new consciousness in a new time

Behind everything is scalar wave energy, also called zero-point energy or neutrinos. This energy is transcendent and bound neither to time nor space. We can sense this energy when focusing in the forehead region, where the Soul – the primary consciousness, and the mind – the secondary consciousness have their seat.

Zero-Point energy is a creative energy.

We must all consciously work with ourselves in order to achieve a higher consciousness. We have to get rid of all that keeps us back, i.e. what is stored in our memory bank from the past in the form of engrossed mind-matter.

You have to solve your own problems before you can achieve mastery in life.

Do you want to live in a Global Human Culture where we can work together, where we all take responsibility of how we think and act?

AIC has created a model for advancement that elevates in man the three-dimensional consciousness to an unlimited multi-dimensional quantum consciousness.

//Sandor A Markus

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