CelesteMetoden® Step 1: Achieve the Higher Quality Multi-Dimensional Quantum Consciousness! – free from bondage of mind!



Start your evolutionary path today. The sooner you start the better. It’s very good for you as individual and also for society. Miserable situations, recurring themes etc. will belong to the past and not to you any longer. Walk the evolving bright path!

A New Consciousness in a New Time! We can build a new world only with a new thought structure, paradigm. Change the World by Changing Your Consciousness.

This Membership site is for everyone seeking to advance and evolve consciously no matter race, color of skin, national belonging, beliefs and preconceived ideas.


Membership 2020

Support the A.I.C. eight points of goal and for FREE you get…

  • Free consciousness sessions for evolvement
  • Free education sessions, drip-feed every week
  • Free adapted health sessions
  • Free ATD Cleansing Session and ATD Programming Session
  • Free meditation program, originally “The Royal Road”
  • Start working for a  multi-dimensional consciousness
  • Education and Development sessions on video, drip-feed every week
  • There will be more and more materials behind your log-in
  • You can extend your membership annually
  • And more..etc.
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AIC Association

  • One World Commonwealth
  • One Fraternal Humanity
  • A flag of Love Wisdom
  • One moral standard
  • One language of understanding
  • Above All Frontiers
  • Above All Prejudices
  • Above All Traditions
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Upcoming events


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