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Start your path of development and evolve beyond all so far known to you. It is an interesting journey that will show to give profound positive changes for you.

We offer you a free membership at the AIC Association and give you the portal meditation – a guided meditation that you can use every day. On your membership page, there will be further instructions on how you can proceed when having started on your evolutionary path.

Note! If you are a member already and can access the “Member Home” link up to the right, then you can also access this free membership on your Member Home. In this case – don’t sign up for this free membership.

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Not sure whether to become an A.I.C. member?

A.I.C. has created the Nordic Gnostic Unity (NGU) to let everyone start their journey towards the five-dimensional quantum consciousness. NGU gives you for FREE the quantum brain program for advancement and some vital teachings. When you feel ready – you are always welcome to participate in A.I.C. Association…with more powerful tools, further teachings, support, etc..

Nordic Gnostic Unity (NGU, english) >>>

Nordic Gnostic Unity (NGU, swedish) >>>


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